Accessing Your New
MyNSA Account

How to Access Your New MyNSA Account

It’s here! Welcome to your new MyNSA account! Your new account is a far more intuitive and useful resource to manage your membership, register for events, access member benefits, and more! To login for the first time, you need to reset your password.

How to access and update your new account: 

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  • Click here to be redirected to the new login page; this can also be found on the “Member Log In” button in the top right of our website.
  • Select the “Forgot Password” option and use your email address associated with your NSA account as your username. This will email you a link you must click to set your password for the new MyNSA site. You may use the same password as you were currently using.
  • Select the “Edit My Profile” item in the left-hand menu and verify that your name, address, phone number and all other information is correct. If it’s not, simply enter the correct information then click “Save” at the bottom of the screen to update it.
  • Select the “My Payment Methods” item in the left-hand menu and re-enter your credit card or banking information. This is a critical step if you would like your membership or Zoom subscriptions to continue to automatically renew, or to save time when registering for events. 
  • If you are a member of one of our NSA Chapters, select the “Edit My Primary Chapter” item in the left-hand menu and verify your primary chapter is selected. If you need to update your primary chapter, select it from the list then click the “Next.”
    • If you are part of more than one chapter, you will need to select one to be considered your primary chapter, which will receive additional support for your membership and event registrations.
    • This does not automatically grant you membership to this chapter; each chapter may have their own additional membership fee.

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Video Tour: How to Access Your New MyNSA Account