Empowering Professional Speakers to Thrive and Influence.

We elevate excellence, share expertise, and challenge one another to improve.

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Abundant Generosity

  • We exhibit a culture of giving and sharing our experience and expertise.
  • As we pursue success, we practice generosity and recognize philanthropic achievements.
  • We call this “The Spirit of Cavett,” honoring our Founder’s example to help each other learn, grow, and prosper.

Jeffrey Hayzlett, CPAE
Member since 1999

It’s worth a lot more than the dues I pay in. It’s the best investment in ‘me’ I have ever made. Want to be a successful speaker? Join NSA, you are worth it

Lisa Fey, CSP
Member since 2011

Being a member of NSA allowed me to accelerate what I needed to do for my business from both a speaking perspective and running the business.


Elevating Excellence

  • We recognize, celebrate, and teach excellence in both the art and business of speaking.
  • We feature experts and diverse examples of industry-leading excellence.
  • We are committed to lifelong improvement.

Intentional Language

  • We honor the power of well-spoken words.
  • We respect the creative works of others and inspire people to find their original voice.
  • We communicate with intention, care, and respect.

Genie Snyder
Member since 2018

I think my best connections have been a posse I've found who support me, but also hold my feet to the fire and help me build my business and help me do what it is that I love to do

Shavone Reed
Member since 2021

This has been the greatest investment in myself and my business. I couldn't have made a more impactful investment of time and resources.


Honorable Innovation

  • We honor our history, legacy, and the contributions of those who preceded us.
  • We recognize and embrace the evolution required to remain relevant and accomplish our mission and vision.
  • We act with courage, integrity, and ethics as leaders and as members.

Uplifting Humanity

  • We foster positive change for people and organizations.
  • We enable audience members to improve, prosper, and succeed.
  • We practice inclusion and learn from diverse viewpoints.

Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE
Member since 1995

I would not be where I am today had it not been for my lasting connections with the amazing members of NSA. I'm just so happy to be a member of this association that believes in uplifting humanity.

NSA Team

</br>Jaime Nolan, CAE<br> <h4>President & CEO</h4>

Jaime Nolan, CAE

President & CEO

I bring the board's vision for NSA and its members to life through strategic relationships and oversight of the NSA team.

</br>Candice York<br> <h4>Director, Operations & Events</h4>

Candice York

Director, Operations & Events

I oversee our products and resources to ensure NSA is operating sustainably so we will continue to be here to serve our members.

</br>Maureen Mahoney<br> <h4>Director, Online Learning</h4>

Maureen Mahoney

Director, Online Learning

I create invaluable educational opportunities so our members are always finding new ways to improve.

</br>Jessica Burgus<br> <h4>Director, Finance </h4>

Jessica Burgus

Director, Finance

I manage NSA's finances to ensure we're always making sound decisions to serve our members.

brittany peffer headshot

Brittany Peffer

Director, Marketing & Communications

I tell our members what's going on at NSA HQ and help speakers see the importance of NSA for their business.

</br>Coming Soon...<br> <h4>Director, Member Experience </h4>

Coming Soon...

Director, Member Experience

I make sure members are getting the most of their NSA experience. 

</br>Edward Chandler<br> <h4>Manager, Sales</h4>

Edward Chandler

Manager, Sales

I help find the best tools, products and services for our members and connect businesses to our community of entrepreneurs. 

</br>Shelby Longman<br> <h4>Manager, Education</h4>

Shelby Longman

Manager, Education

I help manage & create our educational opportunities for members, as well as manage the CSP application process.

navaal mahdi headshot

Navaal Mahdi

Manager, Marketing & Communications

I tell our members what's going on at NSA HQ and help speakers see the importance of NSA for their business.

amy paluf headshot

Amy Paluf

Manager, Events

I help organize and manage our NSA conferences and events to ensure our members have opportunities for networking & in-person education.

</br>Dennis Roumeliotis<br> <h4>Associate, Member Services </h4>

Dennis Roumeliotis

Associate, Member Services

I help members by answering their day-to-day questions and connecting them to the right resources.

kia isom headshot

Kia Isom

Coordinator, Events

I help support our events team to ensure our members have opportunities for networking & in-person education. I also oversee the Youth Leadership Program.

Board of Directors

Meredith Elliott Powell

Meridith Elliott Powell, CSP, CPAE

NSA Board Chair

Board Member since 2018

William "T" Thompson

William "T" Thompson, JD, CSP

NSA Chair-Elect

Board Member since 2021

Peter Stark AS CSP

Peter Stark, CSP

NSA Secretary/Treasurer