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Professional Conduct Policy


The National Speakers Association (NSA) is committed to creating a welcoming, safe, and productive environment that is free from harassment, discrimination, intimidation, and retaliation for all who participate in its sponsored meetings, educational events, and activities, including online and social gatherings. All persons will conduct themselves in ways that reflect favorably on NSA and on the communities we represent while contributing to a culture of respect.

This Conduct Policy applies to anyone who attends or participates in any manner with NSA events, including, but not limited to, members, attendees, guests, vendors, exhibitors, contractors, and sponsors. Direct participation in any manner with an NSA event, activity, or business constitutes an acknowledgment and commitment to comply with this Conduct Policy.

For purposes of this Conduct Policy, prohibited conduct includes any form of harassment, discrimination, intimidation, or retaliation, regardless of whether it is verbal, physical, visual, and/or online.

Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to, sexual harassment, offensive or physically threatening bodily contact, and intimidation or discrimination based on race, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, religion, creed, age, sex (including pregnancy), gender identity/expression (including gender nonconformity and status as a transgender or transsexual individual), sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, size, political beliefs, citizenship, genetic information, past, current or prospective service in the uniformed services, and/or other characteristic protected under applicable U.S. federal, state, or local law.

Emergencies/Immediate Physical Danger
For life-threatening emergencies or immediate physical danger, call 911. During NSA events, individuals may also alert conference or security personnel.

Reports and Confidentiality
Any person who believes that he or she is a victim of conduct that violates the Conduct Policy or who in good faith believes that he or she has witnessed such behavior is strongly encouraged to report such behavior to the NSA CEO or senior staff, either onsite at the event or as soon as possible afterward.

All reports will be investigated promptly and NSA will take every reasonable effort to safeguard requests for confidentiality from witnesses and others with information.

Investigations may be conducted by NSA, an independent party, or by a combination of both. False statements made during an investigation may result in a separate NSA investigation and/or disciplinary action.

Intimidation or Retaliation
NSA prohibits intimidation or retaliation against anyone who in good faith reports a possible violation or who provides truthful information during an investigation. A person who interferes in any manner with an investigation, directly or indirectly through others, including by retaliating or threatening to retaliate against a victim or witness, may face separate disciplinary action under this Conduct Policy.

Disciplinary Action
In accordance with NSA’s standards, all violations of this Conduct Policy will result in appropriate disciplinary action. At NSA’s discretion, violations may result in removal from or denial of access to any NSA-sponsored future meetings, events, and activities. Any NSA member who is found in violation of this Conduct Policy may also be subject to additional actions from NSA, including suspension or expulsion from the organization.

*Revised March 7, 2024