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Be a better speaker. Build a better business.

Most professional speakers struggle to turn their expertise into a

& Scalable Business.

That's because the speaking business is completely unique.

Speakers often ask:

How do I craft my message for maximum impact & income?

Be a better speaker and build a better business by leveraging our network of new, emerging, and million-dollar speakers generously sharing proven strategies at events and through our online courses.

How do I get my message in front of more audiences?

Accelerate how you reach and engage with your target audience through member insights, online courses, and a vetted network of marketing experts and solutions.

How do I know if I am charging the right fee?

Build and grow profitable active and passive income streams through online courses and local & national mind-sharing with experienced speakers.

How do I create immersive experiences in-person and virtually?

Leverage our network of audio-visual, website, video, and marketing experts to create memorable and customized experiences for your audiences.

How do I streamline my business operations?

Quickly build scalable and efficient business models with trusted CRM, automation, and business solutions partners and battle-tested strategies shared by the NSA community.

How do I take my business to the next level?

Elevating your message, brand and services is easy with the NSA community, online courses, local and national mind-shares, and partners invested in your growth.

For nearly 50 years, the National Speakers Association (NSA) has helped tens of thousands of speakers propel their business by answering these questions through professional development and unparalleled community.

We bring the world’s leading speakers together, curate content, and negotiate services that transform your speaking craft and business.

But, we haven’t told you the best part yet...

Our association was founded on the value of Abundant Generosity.

This means:

You will never find a group of competitors more interested in helping each other succeed.

Get the Fee You Deserve.

3 steps to increase your speaking fee confidently

  • Clear steps to set smart baseline fees to help you grow
  • Smart questions to know your client's budget before they tell you
  • Go-to responses when clients ask for a lower fee

The speaking profession is like none other.

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The path is simple:


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Connect with a community of people just like you.


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It's Time.

Perfect your craft, build a more sustainable business, and increase your impact.