Be Recognized at the Highest Level.

Mark your calendars and check back on Sept. 1, 2024, when we will open up applications for the CSP Class of 2025.

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Elevate Your Impact, Influence, & Income

By earning your CSP® (Certified Speaking Professional™) designation, you can prove to meeting professionals that you are among the top echelon of professional speakers who have earned this international designation that only about 17 percent of NSA members worldwide have earned.

With this designation, meeting professionals looking to work with the best speakers will see your commitment to the profession and know you have the top-notch speaking ability with a track record of professionalism and success.

Before You Apply

  • 1 Have you attended an NSA/GSF Association event within the last 10 years?
  • 2 Have you read the "How to Earn Your CSP Guide," "Most Common Mistakes" & "CSP Applicant Checklist" below?

How to Earn Your CSP Guide

CSP Application Most Common Mistakes

CSP Applicant Checklist

Check out our FAQ's for more information to help you navigate the application process.

How to Apply

Applications and all supporting documents must be submitted by Jan. 10, 2024, by Midnight PST.

Step 1:
Fill out and submit the CSP Application Interest Form

Please complete the Interest Form if this is your first time applying, you are re-applying or believe you are eligible for re-application.

After completing the Interest Form, a staff member will reach out to you in Step 2.

Step 2:
Review of the Application Process & Payment Processed in Full

An NSA staff member will contact you either via email or by phone to review the application process and requirements with you.

The current non-refundable application fees are as follows:

  • NSA (and GSF-affiliates) Member Fee: $375
  • Non-Member Fee (U.S.): $950

Step 3:
Application Confirmation & Welcome to Phase One

This is the Enterprise/Administrative phase and includes a review of the following areas: completion of the requisite number of presentations during five (5) of the last 10 years, the necessary income levels derived from these presentations and verification of your presentations. Refer to our Class of 2024 CSP Application Process video for detailed instruction.

As part of the CSP Application process, applicants must complete the CSP Applicant Coursework. This Coursework requires approximately four (4) hours to complete and includes a variety of tasks (e.g., How to Earn Your CSP videoBusiness Ethics video, and the Professional Competencies video and eLearning module).

This Coursework is a requirement and must be completed by the January 10 deadline as part of the Phase One Application process. Failure to complete this Coursework by the January 10 deadline will render an applicant ineligible to advance to the next Phase.

For more information about the CSP Application process, please refer to the How to Earn Your CSP Guide and the CSP Application Checklist.

You will be required to submit all supporting documents; including but not limited to the following:

Upon completion and approval of your Phase One application, you will be notified of your advancement to Phase Two.

Applicant Resource Center

Partnering for CSP Success

Sharon Weinstein, CSP, and Wayne Messmer, CSP, discuss the importance of having an accountability partner when pursuing a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) certification. They encourage others to find a partner, engage, and start holding each other accountable for each step of the certification journey.

Ready to Become a Member of the CSP Class of 2024?

Complete and submit the interest form below. For questions please email

Renewing Your
CSP Designation?

Earning the CSP designation is a demanding process.

  • Renew every five (5) years
  • Earn 24 NSA and/or Global Speakers Federation (GSF) education credits in each five-year renewal period
  • Influence/GSF Affiliate Event = 8 credits
  • Thrive Winter Workshop = 4 credits
  • CSP/CPAE Summit = 8 credits
  • Local Chapter Membership = 1 credit/year; maximum 5 credits
  • Local Chapter Presentation (1 hr. or more) = 3 credits
  • Local Chapter Meeting Attendance = 1 credit per event; up to 12 credits annually
  • Complete CSP Renewal Form
  • Complete NSA's CSP Application Coursework
  • Review and confirm CSP Applicant Oath
  • Pay the $200 administrative fee for Members, $495 for Non-Members

CSP Emeritus status (formerly known as "Lifetime CSP") is available for speakers age 65 and older who have 1) renewed their CSP designation at least once; 2) have completed the CSP Applicant Oath and 3) paid the designated fee (as of 2024, is $100).

Frequently Asked Questions