NSA Referral Program

Grow your personal network. Expand NSA's Influence.

More Value from NSA?

Is it Even Possible?

Do you ever wonder how you can get more tangible value from NSA? Would you like to meet just the right person who has already solved your most pressing business issue? Could a bigger NSA mean more resources for you? More learning, networking and problem solving opportunities? More ways to make more money or excel on the platform?

How Does The Referral Program Work?

The referral program runs every year beginning July 1 until June 30 of the following year.

Entering the NSA Referral Competition is a simple three-step process:

  1. As an active NSA member, you can refer someone who you believe should be an NSA member to JoinNSA.com (or NSA HQ) to learn more about membership
  2. That person enters your name on their application to become an NSA member
  3. You are automatically entered into the competition for both monthly and annual rewards!

The Rewards

  • Monthly: One member who referred someone each month will be randomly selected to receive NSA-branded merchandise.
  • Annually: The NSA member who referred the most new members that year will receive one free conference registration to an upcoming NSA conference. Rules and Restrictions apply.

The Monthly Reward will be announced the first week of each month in the Thursday Buzz newsletter. The Annual winner will be informed during the first week of July every year

Send Prospective Members to JoinNSA.com

How to talk to a Peer about NSA

While there's no "right" way to talk to a speaker (aspiring or experienced!) about why they need to become a member of NSA, there are proven methods that work! But don't just take our word for it. Listen to our 2023 Referral Program Annual Winner, Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE, as he lets us in on his winning strategy for bringing more members into the association family.

Here are a few more suggestions of how to approach the conversation:

  • Share what your favorite NSA Benefit is and how it improved your business.
  • Explain why you always try to attend Thrive and Influence each year and share the information about our upcoming conferences.
  • Share what you've learned in a recent NSA webinar and show them the schedule of weekly sessions (bonus tip: invite them to attend the free webinar each month).
  • Tell a story about a challenge the NSA community helped you solve.
  • Talk about an NSA member who you were able to meet that made an impact on your business.
  • Share our list of business connections and discounts that can help their business.
  • Encourage them to read our blog or listen to Speakernomics to get an idea of what they'll learn more about as a member.
  • Share NSA's Core Values that we use every day and discuss your favorite value.
  • Connect them to their local chapter.

Referral Rewards!

Group 1

Monthly Drawing for a NSA-Branded Merchandise

Group 2

Referral Champion of the Year will win an Event Registration

Rules & Restrictions

  • You must be current NSA member in good standing to participate in NSA's referral program; membership must be maintained for the entire year of each program, beginning July 1 of each year and running through June 30 of the next year.
  • The referee must be a new member or have not been an NSA member for at least two consecutive years.
  • The referee must select your name while completing their application form; NSA staff will not edit submitted applications.
  • The Referral Champion must use their complimentary registration within 13 months of receiving it; the complimentary registration has no cash value.
  • Refunds or credits will not be granted for failure to attend an event and will generally follow NSA"s event cancellation policy.
  • Complimentary event registration may be transferred to another current NSA member; the above rules still apply.
  • A top five leaderboard will be sent to NSA members in the Buzz Newsletter on the first Thursday of each month; NSA staff will not give individual status reports.