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Hi! We're the National Speakers Association! We are a non-profit association that helps speakers, authors, trainers, consultants, coaches and podcasters just like you build a better business and become a better speaker.

We create educational resources from world-renown experts, facilitate conversations with budding and veteran speakers, and curate resources from the industry's leading titans. What does that mean for you?

It means we provide the connections and resources you need to expand your reach and make more money.

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A lot.

We leverage our combined influence to craft membership benefits only available to NSA members.

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$950 per Year
  • Preferred pricing for NSA Events
  • NSA Members-Only Benefits (such as Healthcare)
  • Access to discounted partner services/products (such as Zoom)
  • Monthly Virtual Networking Events (MicSwap, Open Mic)
  • Subscription to the NSA Digital Vault
  • Build a Better Business Webinar Series (live + recorded)
  • Be a Better Speaker Webinar Series (live + recorded)

International Membership

$475 per Year
  • International membership includes all the benefits of NSA membership, but is only available for for anyone who lives outside of the US and is a member of another Global Speakers Federation Association.

    Contact NSA Headquarters to join as an International Member.

Legacy Membership

$475 per Year
  • Legacy Membership includes all the benefits of NSA membership, but is only available for NSA members aged 70 or older who have been a member for 10+ years.

    Contact NSA Headquarters to join as an International Member

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