Whether you are looking to build friendships through our Community, enhance your platform through our Content, tap into industry-leading partnerships through our Connections, or elevate your excellence through our Credentials, the National Speakers Association provides our four essential pillars all on the path to help you be a better speaker and build a better business. At NSA, we want to always respect our past, be grounded in our present and be focused on our future and we can’t wait to welcome you into our membership journey as we forge a new path ahead.


At NSA, the Community is the lifeblood of the association. Whether you are attending a local, national or global event, or joining one of our mastermind or specialty groups, there is a place for every member of NSA to influence and thrive. We encourage you to tap into the NSA community to not only build a better business and be a better speaker but also begin creating lifelong friendships and powerful collaborations that will transform your speaking business. 


We believe in the power of lifelong learning and the impact it can have on your speaking business. NSA offers a vault of knowledge to accelerate success with our online courses and speaker academies, podcast interviews, engaging workshops, webinars and so much more. Leading speakers from the industry provide us with valuable member insights, all to help one another push to that next level. We consistently release new content to our Digital Vault so take advantage of our learning opportunities today! 


Through our trusted network of partners and member benefit programs, we help you connect with the broader speaking community. Through these partnerships, we are able to bring you some of the leading experts in marketing, website development, CRM solutions, automation, and much more to help you grow your speaking business. And with discounts on some of the leading business services and solutions, you’ll also be supporting your bottom line.


Taking your skillset to the next level can open doors for your business that you never expected. Simply being good at your craft may not help you stand out in a world where the competition to book that next gig is high. Earning credentials like the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) or being nominated for your CPAE (Council of Peers Award of Excellence) not only shows other speakers that you have perfected your craft but proves to meeting professionals and business execs that you are among the top echelon of professional speakers with a proven track record of professionalism and success.