How to Use Public Speaking to Grow Your Business 1

Public speaking, whether done in-person or virtually, is one of the best ways to grow your business.

Year-End Moves to Keep More of Your Money, Speaker! Guest Post by Tatiana Tsoir 2

Entrepreneurs, and especially, speakers are often underserved by the DIY mentality and the seeming abundance of free information. Free information is free, but the cost of it to you is really high.

6 Public Speaking Tips to Become a Better Speaker 3

Only about 10% of individuals in the US report actually enjoying public speaking. As someone who wants to be (or already is) a paid professional speaker, you’re probably part of that 10%!
But enjoyment doesn’t make an impactful and memorable speaker.

How To Effectively Use Social Media To Build Your Speaking Business 4

Using social media to build your business isn’t “new” news by any means. Recent data shows 75% of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased traffic and exposure for their business. And with 55% of B2B buyers (i.e. event planners and organizers) relying on social media to find out more information about you, it’s vital you learn how to effectively leverage it as a lead-generating tool to grow your speaking business.

7 Ways to Find & Consistently Get Paid Speaking Gigs 5

Hundreds of thousands of events, conferences, and festivals happen around the world each year, and the industry is projected to grow by 9% in the United States alone through 2029.

Yet, even with all those conferences, finding and securing consistently paid speaking gigs can still be a challenge.

How to Get Started As a Professional Speaker 6

Anyone can be a “speaker.” But if you want to be a professionally paid speaker that is regularly sought after for well-paid speaking gigs…well, that requires a little bit more effort.

Why Stories Are Critical If You Want To Deliver A Powerful Speech 7

We all know someone who is a naturally gifted storyteller. Chances are, that person has an aura of energy about them that people just seem to gravitate towards.

5 Key Fundamentals To Deliver Speeches That Impact 8

Great speeches are much like great songs. Their style, subject, and performance are as unique as those who wrote and performed them. Yet we can all agree they’re incredible pieces of work. That’s because there are clear common threads we can identify and credit for why we collectively enjoy them.

How To Make Any Speech More Memorable 9

Great speeches occupy the hearts and minds of audiences long after the speaker has stepped off the stage.

Being able to leave a lasting impression is key if your goal as a speaker is to deliver an influential or impactful speech.

How to Create A Speaking Contract for Virtual & Hybrid Events 10

It seems like a lifetime ago since we’ve been able to gather in-person to listen to professional speakers captivate us with their ideas and passion.

There’s no better way to experience a speech than in-person. But due to the recent global pandemic, these live experiences have been forced to be put on hold.