Thrive 2024
Winter Workshop

Shari Levitin

How to Build & Sell 7-Figure Courses (Even If You Believe You Lack the Content)!

Who doesn’t want more income to augment their speaking or coaching business? What if we told you…you could flip your model and change your life? By leveraging a simple 4-part formula, you can earn 7-figures in residual income and accept the gigs when and where you want to – not because you have to.

Join LinkedIn influencer and sales strategist Shari Levitin as she unlocks the secrets to building a sustainable 7-figure revenue stream while maintaining and even enhancing your lifestyle.

There are “4 Pillars” to building effective income producing courses, but most speakers, trainers and entrepreneurs leverage just one of the four. Ironically, your strength (your main Pillar) may thwart your efforts to build a sustainable revenue stream.

In this session you will learn to:

  • Identify your dominant Pillar.
  • Create content that keeps your customers coming back for more.
  • Leverage virtual platforms, A.I., games and contests to increase engagement and emotional connection.
  • Incorporate strategies to foster community and create a residual income stream.
  • Charge 10x using the concept of “Intentional Congruence” to increase your wealth

Who is Shari Levitin?

Shari Levitin is an internationally recognized sales expert, speaker, and author – renowned for her energetic and wickedly-funny approach to sales training. As the founder of the Shari Levitin Group, she has grown from a one-person operation to a multi-million dollar firm with clients in 40 countries around the world – generating over $1 billion in increased revenue. Shari’s bestselling book, “Heart and Sell: 10 Universal Truths Every Salesperson Needs to Know”, is the official textbook for Harvard University’s “Strategic Selling” course. She is recognized as one of the most influential leaders on social media – with her posts on Instagram and LinkedIn reaching over 20 million accounts in the last 90 days. Shari is a frequent contributor to top publications such as Forbes, CEO Magazine, and Huffington Post. And she is on the board of the National Speakers Association. Shari has been recognized for her outstanding contributions to sales with numerous accolades, including:

  • Top Ten Voices in Sales by LinkedIn
  • Member NSA’s Board of Directors and member NSA’s Million Dollar Speaker Group
  • Top 50 Keynote Speakers by Top Sales World
  • One of 10 sales experts featured in the Salesforce documentary film "The Story of Sales"
  • Cast in Fox Business’ new reality show: America’s Real Deal

Shari lives in Park City with her husband. When not helping companies transform their sales performance, Shari can be found skiing, rock climbing, reading, or standing on her head!