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Winter Workshop


The Framemaking Sale: Growth Through Client Confidence

In today’s uncertain economic times, clients and customers engaging in independent buying behavior find themselves quickly overwhelmed and ultimately unable to make anything but the safest of purchase decisions, often including no decision at all. Their struggle isn’t just B2B sellers’ biggest challenge, however, it’s also their best opportunity to stand out and deliver real value.

How You Ask?

By building clients’ and customers’ confidence in themselves and their ability to make large-scale, collective decisions on behalf of their company. To build this self-confidence, sellers need to adopt a “Frame Making” approach to selling, providing clients and customers a clear, actionable framework for learning, a framework for deciding, and a framework for value.

Grab your notepad & pen and get ready for this groundbreaking, exclusive presentation where Brent will reveal exactly what it means to have a “Frame Making” mindset, how to cultivate it and provide you with immediate applications to incorporate into your selling strategies to help you not only build a better speaking business, but help your business THRIVE!

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Who is Brent Adamson?

Brent Adamson is a world-renowned researcher, author, presenter, trainer, and advisor to B2B commercial executives around the world.

Known as having the “biggest crystal ball in B2B sales,” Brent is the co-author of the best-selling, industry changing The Challenger Sale and The Challenger Customer. He is also a frequent contributor to well-known business publications, including the Harvard Business Review, featuring his recent articles, “Sensemaking for Sales” and “Traditional B2B Sales and Marketing Are Becoming Obsolete.”

Across the last 19 years, Brent has been privileged to work with some of the greatest thought leaders in B2B and B2C sales and marketing, building and leading exclusive communities of highly progressive commercial executives. Known as a world-class facilitator and speaker, Brent has presented to tens of thousands of commercial leaders both in-person and virtually all over the world, ranging from executive leadership teams to large keynote audiences.

Especially well known for his passion for “productive disruption,” Brent served as the “chief storyteller” for CEB, now Gartner’s, sales, marketing, and customer service practices from 2003 to 2022. Across that time, Brent’s research has focused most closely on the critical, boundary-spanning intersection of selling and buying, seeking to understand the rapidly changing nature of effective commercial collaboration. Most recently, Brent and his colleagues at CEB, now Gartner, have introduced industry-leading concepts such as Buyer Enablement, Sense Making, and Customer Decision Confidence.

As of June 1, 2022, Brent now serves as the Global Head of Research and Communities at Ecosystems, a cutting-edge SaaS platform designed to help companies identify and track dimensions of value creation with their customers.

A native of Omaha, Nebraska, Brent received his MBA with distinction from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. Prior to that, he served on the faculty of Michigan State University as a Professor of German and Applied Linguistics. In addition to his MBA, Brent holds a B.A. with distinction in political science from the University of Michigan along with M.A.s in political science and German, and a Ph.D. in applied linguistics from the University of Texas. Brent resides in Leesburg, VA with his wife, two daughters, and rescue dog.