Member Benefit


All NSA members will receive 30% off the standard Prox marketplace fee of 15% per booking.

Virtual speaking is creating massive opportunities to allow you  to share your expertise with a vast audience no matter where they are in the world. How are you taking advantage of this growing marketplace? As an entrepreneur, you have a small team, and trying to manage each individual component of virtual meetings such as marketing, scheduling, payment, and hosting is a massive undertaking that can involve so many separate, complicated and expensive tools that may not work together.

Do you want to spend your limited time and money trying to manage every aspect of virtual meetings, or do you want to use one platform  that gets rid of all the headaches, allowing you to easily share your expertise?

NSA has partnered with Prox, an all-in-one solution for speakers that streamlines the process for experts to connect with knowledge seekers in paid video engagements, whether that's focused one-on-one discussions or large-scale presentations with audiences all around the world.

Getting started with Prox is easy and free:

  1. Set up your free Prox account
  2. Include your Prox info on your website and social media
  3. Start easily connecting with knowledge seekers and increasing your bottom line

Get started on Prox today! NSA Members will receive 30 percent off the standard Prox marketplace fee of 15 percent per booking!

Features include:

  • Paid one on one meetings with pre-session user feedback (option to set an agenda, set a goal, select topics of interest)
  • Paid one to many meetings (using your Zoom Account)
  • Real time meeting scheduling and calendar syncing
  • Ability to set pricing and create promotional codes 
  • Quick and easy payouts of your earnings
  • Built-in marketing tools
  • Expert discovery engine to help you get in front of the right knowledge seekers

To learn more NSA members can book a DEMO here using code "NSAMEMBER".