Thrive 2023
Winter Workshop

Cracking the Code: Recession Proof Your Business by
Working With the Federal Government

Being a successful professional speaker means preparing for longevity. That means weathering the storms. If we’ve learned anything from a 2+ year disruption and possible upcoming recession, it’s that storms are a part of life. Successful speakers will need to find ways to recession-proof their businesses and to build during uncertain times.

Throughout the ups and downs of the economy, the U.S. federal marketplace has remained the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world and they’re always looking for speakers and trainers just like you. The federal government is one of the best ways to recession proof your speaking business.

Yet working with the federal government seems to be so shrouded in secrecy that many qualified speakers never pursue working with the government.

In this no B.S., no fluff session, we’ll walk through the “how’s” and “why’s” of working with the government, separating fact from fiction. We’ll then prepare you to strategically pursue government contracts and speaking engagements.

By coming to this session you’ll learn to:

  • Understand what you need to get started working with the federal government.
  • Strategically position your expertise within the Federal Government.
  • Convert your current non-federal marketing strategy into an effective federally strategy.
  • Bonus:  Hacks and shortcuts to minimize the government’s built in competition.

Working with the federal government can not only recession proof your business, it can be a lucrative addition to your business once you’ve cracked the code.

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Who is Tony Chatman?

Tony Chatman fixes people problems. As a corporate relationship expert, he works with federal agencies and corporations to transform dysfunctional relationships into dynamic teams. Tony is president of Chatman Enterprises Inc. N.O.A.A., Social Security Administration, The Secret Service, N.S.A (the other NSA) and other organizations. Depend on Chatman Enterprises to help people reach new heights of effectiveness by understanding how to more effectively work together.