Thrive 2023
Winter Workshop

Lessons From Neuroscience: Understanding Our Ancestor’s First and Most Important Human Trait Is a Game Changer for Growing Your Business.

Every human interaction, every transferal of money, every sentence uttered to inspire…each has at its foundation in the guts of our primary social trait as humans.

In this fascinating session, you will:

  • Discover what this primary trait is and how the development of this trait is critical to the growth of your business.
  • Find out a few surprising myths about how the brain works and how you can apply the truth to your business.
  • See neuroimaging that shows the 4 personal ingredients that form the primary trait and how to activate them to enhance your results.
  • Learn which of these 4 ingredients you may be missing or needs skill building and learn how it could be key to changing your marketing, your speech script and content, and your chances for spin-off business.

The primary trait is one of, if not the most valuable trait we possess. The majority fall short in the #1 personal ingredient.  Most speakers may ignore the #4 ingredient at their own peril.  When you leave San Antonio, the hope is that you will acknowledge which of the key ingredients is a challenge for you and determine what action you need to take.


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Scott Halford

Who is Scott Halford, CSP, CPAE? 

Whether through a keynote, an executive leadership workshop or one of his bestselling books, the magic of Scott Halford is in his uncanny ability to reactivate the magic already inside you. He’s the catalyst, but you’re the star.

A champion of neuroscience, Scott understands how to help you lower the drawbridge in your brain. Through his proprietary blend of humor, insight, authenticity, vulnerability and passion for the subject, Scott accesses  the fertile parts of your mind, so the information sticks with you and actually takes root. Like your favorite teacher in high school or college, Scott takes the complex topic of neuroscience and distills it into bite-sized morsels that anyone can digest. He makes neuroscience feel intuitive, and his enthusiasm for the topic is downright contagious.