Become a Better Speaker

Reinvent Your Audience Collaboration with Jeanne M. Stafford

May 17 | 3 pm ET

with special guest Jeanne M. Stafford


Join Collaboration Specialist and New York City Chapter President Jeanne M. Stafford as she shares the most powerful ways to meet your audience where they are. You’ll hear what you’re getting right and how to explore and heighten your valuable tools. You’ll also hear what you are doing and sharing that’s causing people to want to check their phone sign off from all your “brilliance.”

You will learn:

  • Tools to be powerfully present no matter what happens
  • How to reframe the chaos you’ve already been through and turn it into lessons
  • Celebrate others while showcasing your talents
  • See what you’re missing when you’re obsessed with yourself

Be prepared to engage and ask Jeanne ANYTHING because she’s been listening to speakers her entire life!