Become a Better Speaker

How to Craft a Mic Drop Momenty Worthy Speech

Jan. 18 | 5pm EST

Directing the Speech: How to Craft a Mic Drop Worthy Speech Using the
Story, Performance, and Directing Know-How of Hollywood

with special guest Mike Ganino


These days it’s pretty easy to take a headshot, make a website, and call yourself a professional speaker — which is why the competition for the stages you dream about has never been tougher. To stand out, you have to leverage the story only you can tell, the stage presence you were born with, and tap into the emotional psychological experience of your audience. Speakers like Simon Sinek, Neen James, Brene Brown did it. Personalities like Trevor Noah, Mel Robbins, and Kelly Clarkson mastered it. And you can, too.

In this interactive storytelling, directing, and performance-based session, you will:

  • Punch your stories so they connect, engage, and enchant your audience
  • Season your performance with the vocal and movement training from the world of stage and screen
  • Weave your talk structure around the way your audience experiences new ideas and stories using The Storyteller’s Path
  • Bring new energy and truth to your speech
  • Have fun