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Recession Proof Your Speaking Business with Expert Positioning: Presented by Debbie Allen, CSP

4-part mini course

February 7 | 5 PM ET

This session kicks off the 4-part series

Recession Proof Your Speaking Business with Expert Positioning Presented by Debbie Allen, CSP

Get your speaking business on the fast-track this year by increasing opportunities to use your skill of professional speaking in multiple ways. Learn how to create a one-page business plan for success with multiple income streams. During this four-part mini course presented by Debbie Allen, CSP you will uncover the steps to help recession proof your business, focusing on branding, multiple income streams and a solid strategic business plan.

At the completion of this program participants will be able to:

  • Successfully create a business plan and overall vision for success.
  • Plan multiple income streams with the skill of speaking on stage and online.
  • Compare past financial downturns and economic changes to reinvent and reposition your speaking business and open up more doors to opportunity in any economy.
  • Develop a solid strategic action plan and one page business plan to lead you on the path towards building your own speaking empire.

*You are registering for the FIRST session of this four (4) parts series which is open to Members and Non-Members. Only current NSA Members will be able to register for sessions 2-4 at the conclusion of the first presentation.

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