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Psychic Debris, Crowded Closets: Declutter 101 for the Right-BrainCreative

a 6-week deep dive Series

December 13 | 5 PM ET

This session kicks off the 6-week deep dive

Psychic Debris, Crowded Closets: Declutter 101 for the Right-BrainCreative

with instructor Dr. Regina F. Lark

Are you a professional speaker who feels overwhelmed with physical clutter and negative thinking? Do you find prioritizing and productivity a challenge? This 6-week deep dive educational series will help you declutter your brain and elevate your thinking!

Your brain can be a powerful tool or a staggering enemy. You can uplift and elevate how you think about things as easily as you can disparage and deny that goodness is all around you. We tend to wear negative thinking as protective armor, shielding us from doing the important work of transforming how we think about who we are and how we manage. 

The clutter and chaos of this “psychic debris” often reflects the clutter and chaos of our living spaces. We’ve made it okay to live among crowded closets, piles of paper, and rooms packed with stuff we no longer use, want, or desire. 

Cluttered minds and cluttered closets weigh us down, thwart productivity, and make it difficult to move forward with ease and a sense of clarity. Negative thinking blocks the light of positivity, and overwhelmed spaces block us from the simplistic life. 

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