How to land a Corporate Clients

How To Land 5-6 Figure Contracts Without Chasing Clients With Low Or No Budgets with. Ashley Kirkwood

June 2 | 1 pm ET

with special guest Ashley Kirkwood

This is the perfect webinar for speakers who are underpaid or still speaking for free but who desire corporate or collegiate clients with budgets. Now, let's get right to the specifics of what we will cover in this masterclass:

  • How to land corporate clients, even if you have never had a corporate client before
  • You need an advanced degree and 50+ years of experience to land a corporate-speaking contract, right? WRONG.
  • Where to find organizations that gladly pay speakers 5+ figures for their expertise.
  • How to eliminate self-doubt that keeps you from starting at the top of the market versus working your way up from the bottom (we're done with that)
  • What you should never do when negotiating your virtual speaking rates
  • And sooo much more!


Who is Ashley Kirkwood?

Ashley Kirkwood is an international speaker and award-winning lawyer. Not only did she use speaking to scale her law firm Mobile General Counsel to be an online powerhouse serving businesses across the USA, but she is a sought-after speaker on college campuses and corporations around the country.

Through her Speak Your Way To Cash® brand, which consists of a popular podcast, Facebook group, home study course, and Academy, Ashley has helped thousands of speakers learn about the speaking industry. She demystifies the complex and teaches actionable strategies that focus on helping speakers grow their speaking business.

Her annual live event for speakers has helped countless speakers supercharge their speaking efforts, network with others, and really get into the details of honing their craft. It’s a deep dive into the principles and strategies needed to level up your speaking business.

Due to the pandemic, 2020’s events were virtual (and 2021’s was hybrid). That didn’t matter one bit – they were the most successful to date (which mirrors the fact that corporations hired virtual speakers in record numbers despite the pandemic). 2022's Speak Your Way To Cash Live event is hybrid too - and you should be there!

Ashley’s looking forward to seeing you. Reserve your seat now.